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Bagan Sunset Ride

Bagan, Central Myanmar

bagan sunset ride in bagan

Bagan trails. Leaving town we ride on well made, paved road to get the feel for our bikes. Soon this changes to unsealed back roads and trails. The atmosphere out here on the plain, littered with iconic temples, is peaceful, and there is no better way to experience that than by using Bagan’s network of dirt and sand trails, thus avoiding the main tourist crowds.

Bagan is dotted with iconic pagodas, tranquil villages and impressive monuments rarely visited by tourists. Discover the beauty of the Bagan Plain on this bicycle tour along meandering rural trails and enjoy a sunset cocktail cruise on the Irrawaddy River This trip runs in Bagan.

With over 2000 ancient buildings, it is easy to get overwhelmed by the sheer number of monuments in Bagan. Yet Bagan is also a living, breathing town and pedaling through small villages and traversing narrow tracks with a small group amid the temple plains is the best way to feel the rhythms of local life.

Come along with us as we explore beyond the main sites, traversing smaller paths and crossing through local villages. A sunset cocktail cruise with traditional snacks on the mighty Irrawaddy River is an ideal way to cap off and adventurous afternoon.

Tour Itinerary

We will pick you up from your hotel (pick-up time will be provided along with tour confirmation) and transfer to our cycling tour starting point in New Bagan for a bike and helmet fitting. Once the equipment is ready, we set off pedaling!

Quaint Villages
We quickly find ourselves in small villages set amid the arid landscapes. Life here moves at a slower pace and you are more likely to encounter a cow or pig on the road than another vehicle. Depending on the time of year we may see ox-carts piled high with chilies or garlic being brought in from the fields or groups of school kids flying kites on their days off. This is true life in the dry zone, a scene rarely experienced by tourists to Bagan.

Landscapes & Sunsets
Turning in to the temple zone, pagodas replace people as the backdrop. Using the network of small tracks and trails, wind through the plains. This section of Bagan is difficult to reach by car and thus we seem to have it all to ourselves. A snack break in the shade of an ancient pagoda gives us a chance to refuel before continuing our exploration across the temple plain. Although the monuments we pass are not as well-renowned, the route exposes the grand scale of Bagan and sheer number of pagodas.

The tour concludes with a private sunset boat ride on the Irrawaddy River. Board the boat in the early evening and cruise out to the middle of the water where a panorama of temples comes into view. Relax with a cocktail and fabulous snacks and watch the sun cast its last rays upon brilliant Bagan.

Following the cruise, you will be dropped back at your hotel by van or local truck.

PLEASE NOTE: you should wear clothing suitable for this activity: quarter length pants, shorts, t-shirts are all advisable (shoulders must be covered at the temples), as are comfortable closed shoes to prevent scratches from briers. Long sleeves or a light jacket is recommended for the sunset.

What’s the Riding Like?

This ride is predominately on flat tracks and small roads – there are no hills in the area. However there are stretches of sandy paths and, due to the timing, riders may get hot. Beginners or those who are uncomfortable with heat should avoid this ride from March to September when temperatures are at their highest.


 Departure Time: 13.00 pm to 18.30 pm

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