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Beikthano Cooking Class in Wetkyi Inn Village

Beikthano Cooking Class in Wetkyi Inn Village

Baikthano Cooking Class in Wetkyi Inn Village, Bagan offers visitors a fun opportunity to learn to cook traditional local food. From shopping for produces at a local market to preparing the final dish, you will experience the entire cooking process of traditional Myanmar food.

Once you arrive at the cooking class, we will begin the day with a refreshing welcoming tea. Our instructor will then introduce the kitchen and provide background information on traditional Myanmar cooking. We will then be given the days Menu and a list of ingredients that we will need to prepare it. To acquire the ingredients our instructor will take us to the nearby Nyaung U Market. At the market we will be introduce us to all the essential ingredients required in traditional Myanmar cooking and shown how inspect and buy the best selection of ingredients. After shopping , we will return to the Beikthano cooking class and enjoy a treat of Beikthano juice before we begin the cooking process. To begin cooking we will form small groups and each will receive the ingredients and equipment required to prepare the dishes. The instructor will then step by at a relaxed pace help the groups prepare the dishes. After the cooking is complete we will prepare the dishes for serving and get together to enjoy them for lunch.

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