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Bike Brilliant Bagan

Bagan, Central Myanmar

bike brilliant bagan

Bagan Sites. In addition to the iconic temples of Shwesandaw, Ananda, and Shwezigon, we visit some minor, less known temples and see the impressive Dhamayangyi and Htilominlo from a distance. This really is the all in temple introduction and will give you a good understanding of the geography of the Plain for you to explore in more detail if you wish in the following days. 

The temple strewn plain of Bagan is a highlight of Myanmar, but it’s only those who take to two wheels who get to really experience the true wonder of the temples, the beauty of the plain, and the charm of the town. This trip runs in Bagan.

No holiday to Myanmar would be complete without a visit to the temple-studded plains of Bagan. The lanes which wind around the 9th-13th century structures and the mighty Irrawaddy River running alongside are an awe-inspiring setting for a bike ride.

Join us on this half day ride amid some of Bagan’s 4000 temples. In addition to taking in the essential highlights, you will also get a taste for the lives of the local residents as we pass through fields, farms and villages. After refueling with traditional snacks at a tea shop, we drive back to your hotel around 1 pm.


Tour Itinerary

We start from our conveniently located shop and ride through the back lanes to get into the temple plains. We quickly leave the sealed, busy roads behind and venture off onto dirt tracks, only accessible to bikes and horses.

A Plain of Temples 
It’s not long before we are pedaling alongside ancient brick structures, pausing to visit some of the most famous monuments like Shwesandaw, Ananda and Shwezigon as well as several hidden gems. When biking we’ll often be greeted by friendly farmers working in the fields next to our bike lanes and we will be sure to seek out an elevated temple to climb up for a different view of the Bagan Plain.

Village Life 
Aside from temples, Bagan is still a buzzing little town and we’ll be sure to explore some of the traditions and lifestyles of its people. The village roads are lined with single-story bamboo houses standing adjacent to unique 1950s, brick warehouses. Kids on a break from school, snack vendors and a menagerie of pigs, cows and the occasional horse greet us along the way. We’ll stop to see the production of local treats and pay a visit to the friendly neighbors.

We cap off the morning with a visit to a tea shop where we will sample unique snacks and, of course sip a cup of sweet Myanmar tea. Then we’ll travel by local truck or van back to your hotel concluding the tour around 12-1 pm.

PLEASE NOTE: you should wear clothing suitable for this activity: quarter length pants, shorts, t-shirts are all advisable (shoulders must be covered at the temples), as are comfortable closed shoes to prevent scratches from briers. Sunscreen is also a must.

What’s the Riding Like?

This ride is predominately on flat tracks and small roads.  There are no hills in the area so anyone who can reasonably ride a bike can do this tour. There are some sections on sandy trails so beginner riders should not choose this tour.

Departure Time: 07.00 am to 12.30 pm


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