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Dandaree show

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  • Service:
  • Duration:
    80 minutes
  • Operated:
    Daily show time 7:00 pm

If you are interested in getting to know ancient old culture and history of Myanmar in quite unique way, this show is for you. Dandaree brings together the best performers from Myanmar and other ASEAN countries. The show is produced by world class producers to ensure the high quality of this unforgettable show.

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The show is held at Bagan golden palace, a perfect setting for this fascinating performance. Unveiling the traditions, arts and cultures that, has been passed from generation to generation. Dandaree show comprises of many Myanmar traditional performances such as Bagan Dance, Spirit Dance and Chinlone (traditional sport of Myanmar). With fascinating use of lights and sounds this is the highest standard show in the country.

Over 100 performers come together to act out this magnificent show. The show lasts for 80 minutes and there is also possibility for five course theatre dinner. This show is a great extra spice for your stay in Bagan.
Dandaree Trailer


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