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Lunch or Dinner at Shwe Sa Bwe

Yangon, Southern Myanmar
Lunch or Dinner at Shwe Sa Bwe


  • Service:
    Lunch or Dinner at Shwe Sabwe
  • Duration:
    1-2 hrs
  • Operated:
  • Time:
    12:00 pm -2:00 pm or 07:00 pm - 09:00 pm
  • Remark:
    • Our rate does not include transfer or guide costs
    • Any drinks and items that are not included in set menu shall be paid by the guests

Support grassroots initiative run by western experts and chef’s to train Myanmar youth to become hospitality professionals. Enjoy lunch or dinner catered and prepared to you by the students at one the best restaurants of Yangon.

The Shwe Sabwe hospitality school & restaurant is located in private house in residential area of Yangon and has 2 daily menus to choose from.

The school provides free hospitality training for period of 6 months and gives priority to unprivileged students from lesser off backgrounds. The aim of the initiative is to prepare students to be qualified to work in the best kitchens and restaurants in Myanmar after successful completion of the course.

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