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Mandalay Tea Shop Foodies Tour

Mandalay, Central Myanmar

mandalay tea shop foodies tour

Tea Shops. This tour is all about trying out authentic local food in the tea shops that abound in Myanmar. If you love food adventures this trip will delight your taste buds.


A morning culinary adventure like no other. If there is one thing Myanmar has more of than ethnic groups, it’s Tea Shop snacks. This trip runs in Mandalay. 

The most famous feature of Mandalay? Forget Mandalay Hill and the Moat, the hands down winner is the common Mandalay Tea Shop. Scattered all over the city this is the place where locals sit hunched over a steaming cup of sweet tea and fresh snacks, gossiping, catching up with friends or reading the daily paper.

Whilst it differs from most Grasshopper Adventures day tours inasmuch as we don’t actually ride bicycles, it fits the bill in that it is a completely unique experience and not one that can be easily accessed by the uninitiated.


Tour Itinerary


Gather at the Grasshopper Shop 
After meeting up at the Grasshopper Shop at 8 am you will be introduced to your rickshaw and set out in search of food.

Time to Eat 
We take you on a classic Mandalay rickshaw to explore the best snacks that Mandalay has to offer. From the famous morning noodle dish “Mohinga”, to Myanmar pancake, samosa, Mandalay salad, Shan noodles and numerous sweet snacks that will leave you with a firm understanding of why Myanmar people walk around with a smile on their face all day. Our resident food enthusiasts will explain the detail and some of the secrets behind this delicious food. The tour concludes at 11:30 am at our shop.

There is no need to pedal, your rickshaw chauffeur will ride you from place to place so that you only have to worry about the eating not the pedaling.


Departing Time: 08.00 am to 11.30 am or 12.00 pm


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