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Mrauk U & Chin Tattoo Villages – 5 Days

Mrauk U, Sittwe

This journey starts with a flight from Yangon to Sittwe, a fishing and port town on the coast near Bangladesh. From Sittwe we travel by boat upstream Kaledan River to Mrauk U, a sleepy village tract, once a powerful kingdom and important trading port. We explore the beautiful temples of Mrauk U and Wethali kingdoms by car and on foot  and make a day excursion along Lay Mro river to Chin minority village where some of the old ladies still carry facial tattoos, a fading tradition unique to chin tribes in Myanmar.
Dutch traveler Gautier Schouten who visited Arakan 1660 wrote:

“As we ascended sufficiently high up the mountain we could decry the city of Arakan and the golden roof of the palace, which shone magnificently in the rays of the sun. Here and there, both on the mountain and in the valleys the eye fell on many pagodas, which made the view most enchanting. To the other side lay our settlement and our Residence, with lakes, fish-ponds, orchards, and country houses. On the opposite side of the mountain was a descent into a lovely country which in the far distance was seen to be encircled by yet other mountains dotted with townships, villages and beautiful fields, indeed, it would be difficult to imagine a more entrancing landscape.”