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Phangran Razi Peak 4330m Expedition

Putao & Himalaya, Northern Myanmar
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Phangran Razi rises up to 4330 meters, climbing the peak is as rewarding as it is demanding. Phangran is situated by the Myanmar India border approx. 90 kilometers North West of Putao. This is remote expedition style trek and real adventure trip for fit explorers. You will be among the few climbers who have scaled this remote peak. It is only possible to get here on organized trekking expedition.

During the trek the topography and vegetation varies greatly. We start on low altitude lush jungle trails tracing river valleys crossing creeks over hanging bridges. First couple nights will be in local villages before we enter untouched wilderness. Local hunter / tracker will accompany us making trail through jungle, finding best stream crossings and safe way up and down the mountain. The approach to Mt Phangran Razi is long river valley traverse to the root of the mountain and then ascent through bamboo, rhododendron and cloud forests. As we reach higher altitude pine trees become dominant and if lucky we might see a glimpse of the rare “Takin” wild buffalo type of animal grazing wild in the remote Himalayan mountains found in Myanmar and Bhutan. The summit climb is along gentle slope & spine of the mountain. You will be rewarded by great views over the snow capped mountains in the horizon.

What’s it like:
This is remote expedition style camping trek and real adventure trip for fit explorers. During the first days we stay in local village houses and sleep dormitory style (it is also possible to sleep in your tent should you prefer.  No climbing skills or special equipment is needed.