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Myanmar Arts and Culture


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Myanmar puppetry marionettes

Ancient art form that has been used for centuries to entertain kings and common folk. Myanmar marionettes are string puppets. Strings attached to head, back, feet and hands. The common setting includes at least 28 puppets including common folk lore characters, demons, horses, kings and sorcerers. Puppetry has been in decline during the last years but regular shows by skilled artists are still held in Yangon, Bagan and Mandalay among other destinations.

Nat Pwe
Local festivals often have Nat Kadaw spirit mediums performing dances reciting lifes and stories of the Nats.
Nats are local saints that were met by sudden death and are believed to have certain powers. Lots of people in Myanmar worship nats and nat shrines can be found in many places countrywide.

Nat Kadaws are believed to connect to the spirits and act as their medium. During the dances there is a band playing music and donation bowls are often passed around and sometimes money give to the audience.  When in Myanmar ask your tour guides if there are any Nat ceremonies happening in the area where you could stop by.