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Tour Reviews

Dear Mika,

Here again in Spain after a wonderful trip along Asia. Thank you very much for your help !. The excellent know how and professionalism of DMC have contributed to an unforgettable experience in Myanmar.

Best regards,

Xabier B. from Spain,  August 2013

In Spain after a wonderful trip!

Dear Mika & team,

Thank you so much for well organized tour in Myanmar. It took me some time to digest, and set the ranking right, in my head. As I told I have been travelling extensively in the recent years and am hard to impress these days. Our trip to Myanmar with you in October 2011 was FANTASTIC, with capital letters, the best trip I have done in the last 30 years, and believe me I have travelled to many corners of the world, after retiring more than 10yrs ago. I have been thinking why did Myanmar steal my heart? ..and what is so special about this country?

To summarize… the whole trip was a fine collection of experiences, stories told, diverse people and also some luck coming across with so many local events, ceremonies, real life and local people who were so welcoming and kind towards strangers. I hope Myanmar and its people will remain as genuine and friendly when the country will open up. The guides were very good and knowledgeable and took very good care of me anywhere where I went. This kind of service does only exist in very few countries anymore. I wish you all the best with your travel agency in Myanmar and hope to return back one day.  Thank you so much!

Linnala T. from Finland 11/2011 (translation from Finnish)

This kind of service does only exist in very few countries anymore!

Dear Mika,

I also wanted to write you already…. First and foremost to thank you and your team for organizing this wonderful trip!! We really had a wonderful time. The program you worked out was just perfect and we were very lucky to see the more ‘obvious’ sites in Burma again relatively unspoiled before the masses come! Also, we really had a good dive into the daily lives of the people living there which really fulfilled our hopes. The guides in Bagan, Inle and Yangon were truly great and fun to be with…. All in all, all was really perfect.
The hotel in Inle was BEAUTIFUL. Really, much better than all those cottages on the lake. Great service, very friendly staff, organic garden included…. I really recommend you to go and have a look. We were happy to have paid the extra money. Also, I would like to thank you again for having managed to get us a visa on arrival in such a short notice!   Meanwhile, we are already planning our next trip to Burma! And we hope that you can help us there, too! This time, we would like to explore those areas where very few tourists go… Again, thank you very much for everything and looking forward to meeting you personally in January!

Best regards,
Felix F. from Germany, June 2012

Thank you for organizing this wonderful trip!!


…I spoke to my brother – R. Maharaj.
He was impressed with the quality of service on his trip to Myanmar. Although the country is not advanced with modern technology. Organisation was excellent. Would like to thank you for coordinating the trip and ensuring that everything went as planned.

Thanks a million for all your services.

Warm regards

Pushp, Yatra Travel India, January 2013


Thanks a million for all your services!

Dear Mika,

We have an unforgettable Time so far in Myanmar! Everything perfectly organized, especially the Guide and driver in Bagan was Unique. Only the balloons were cancelled due to weather but this is Not a problem… Thanks so much for your help!

Best regards
Bernard H. from Germany, Feb 2013.

We have an unforgettable Time so far in Myanmar!

Hi Mika & Yangon team,

Thank-you to you for organising our last two weeks in Myanmar at the end of 2012.
Firstly we had a wonderful time on both legs of our journey. Peter and Myo Oo, our ‘carers’ for the first week, were wonderful, full of stories, lots of laughs. We saw much, heard volumes of the history of the land, too much to recall all of it, but it will be in our brains to be awoken at some future time. We were so fortunate to experience a wedding – impromptu guests- at Kyankme Village, and were again amazed with the Burmese people who seem very tolerant of the foreign tourists. I realise we visitors bring in lots of money to the economy – or to some folk within it- but answering all those questions, many which are the same but uttered by different mouths, must get tedious. Anyhow we loved the trip up north, and one of the highlights was the train trip. We went ‘cattle class’ and it was fantastic. Didn’t find it too rough at all – our outback tracks in Australia are far, far worse!
Down south with delightful Pho Chot as our guide and driver was equally enthralling. Pho had such energy in showing us around, telling us some local stories, advising us where to eat, (Peter also was fantastic with the mundane info about – well anything we wanted, or needed). We had many a laugh with Pho, he was always very considerate, full of stories and information. We really could not have wished for a better driver/guide. Peter, Pho Chot and Myo Oo all felt as if they had become friends by the end of our journey with them – which is a very good attribute for folk in their professions to have! We remember them and Zaw Zaw and the bike trip mob with great affection.
Thank you too Mika for lending us your office for the day whilst we got our money sorted out. Also for.. your staff for working so hard at such short notice to organise our trip. We are very grateful and will always remember Myanmar with great affection. We will return but not this year.
Again my apologies for the lateness of this reply. We will be good ambassadors for your company though and will recommend you whenever we can as a fantastic tour company to deal with,

With fond regards,
Sue and Iain Frazer, Australia, Dec 2012

Will recommend you whenever we can as a fantastic tour company to deal with!

Dear Discovery Team,

I have been home for over five weeks and I had meant to write to you and say what a wonderful time I had in Myanmar and how much I appreciated all the assistance given to me by Discovery DMC. I would definitely recommend your company to any friends that would be visiting Myanmar.

It was a fascinating experience – everywhere I went was interesting, the guides, drivers etc. were so helpful and made my three weeks very special. I was lucky with the weather and able to take the balloon flight in Bagan. The hotels were perfect and your choice of The Traders in Yangon was great as I could walk everywhere.

Again thank you for your assistance!

Regards, Lee Ann

Thank you for all the assistance…the guides & drivers made my 3 weeks very special!

Dear Mika and team,

I just wanted to thank you for an amazing trip to Myanmar!

The program worked out just great with fantastic guides and drivers, always on time and so friendly and knowledgeable.

I will definitely recommend this to friends and colleagues who want to travel to Myanmar.

A. Geelmuyden September 2014

An Amazing Trip to Myanmar!

Dear Mika and Discovery Sales Team,

I would like to thank you for the lovely arrangements of our trip to Mandalay and Bagan. My friends and I enjoyed it very much and hope to be able to visit Myanmar, next time Yangon, Kyaiktiyo, Bago and Inle again. Will definitely contact you again if we go there. All tour guides and drivers – Mr. Swe, Mr. The – were great! We had much fun with all the places that we visit. Thank you once again.


Kaew & friends May 2015

All tour guides and drivers were great!

Dear Mika,
Dear Nang Nang,

I like to drop you a quick note after having finished our wonderful trip around Myanmar just recently.

Everything went very smoothly, transfer and tour services as well as hotel accommodation were well booked and organized. So we just had to enjoy,which we absolutely did.

We will be arriving back in Germany by end of this week.

Thank you very much for the fantastic organisation and I will be back soon.

Kind regards from Chiang Mai
Petra and Rainer Starck

December 2014

Wonderful trip around Myanmar

Dear Discovery team,

I have travelled to Bagan in August – a wonderful trip, which I thank you for very much. You have organised everything perfectly and I enjoyed the trip tremedously.

I would like to get in touch with my guide from Bagan again…

Thank you very much.

Best regards from Berlin!

Aug 2014


A wonderful trip


Flyng back from Mandalay to Bangkok we had no time to fill in the form of feedback and thus we just wish to send you our thanks for a perfectly organized trip to the highlights of Myanmar. And finally relaxing on the Amara cruise … just great!

Only once we had bad luck; flight cancelled going back from the Amara cruise from Bhamo to Mandalay on November 24th. And in this connection we wish to thank especially you, “Kelvin”, for your assistance to arrange a new Asian Wings flight in the morning of the 25th. Thus we reached our flight from Mandalay to Bangkok in time and the new Amara cruise guests could start their trip as well.

We now know that we can absolutely recommend DMC for travels to Myanmar and we also informed Mr. Schreiber of the agents Myanmar Discovery in Munich of your good service.

Now we look at our photographs and remember all the sights ouf your beautiful country and especially the smiles of the friendly people of Myanmar.

Best regards
Kerstin and Reinhard Taube  Dec, 2013

Perfectly organized trip to the highlights of Myanmar

Dear Discovery team!

A very warm thank you for making our stay in Myanmar truly amazing and unforgettable.

All of us had a wonderful experience and are planning to come back some time in the future!

Please extend our thanks to guides Chichi and Kyaw Kyaw – they were extremely kind and helpful!

I have forwarded your contact details to some friends who are also planning trips in the near future to Myanmar and hopefully my parents also at some point.

Kind regards,


Elisabeth Karolyi  June, 2014

Myanmar truly amazing and unforgettable

Dear Discovery team,

Just a little update that the trip is absolutely fantastic! Everything is perfectly organized and we are extremely happy and absolutely enchanted by Myanmar!

Thank you again for everything!!! Such a great trip!  Mar 2015

All the best
Livia Collan

Extremely happy and absolutely enchanted by Myanmar!

Dear Mika and Aye Mon,

Back from wonderful Mrauk U I want to thank you on behalf of the expat ladies’ group for the smooth arrangements. Everything worked out as planned and the participants were happy and impressed. Looking forward to the next trip 
Thanks again!


Back from wonderful Mrauk U trip

Hi Mika

Just wanted to send you a quick email to say thank you for arranging our fantastic trip. We enjoyed every second of it. I will write in more detail when I get home as we are still away for the next 2 weeks.

I will be recommending you to everyone

Kind Regards

Feb 2016

A fantastic trip

Dear Mika

I had said that I would give you a bit of a review of our trip.

We had a wonderful time and agreed that there was not one day that wasn’t worthwhile. Your planning was faultless and your choice of guides was very good. It was wonderful (and emotional) to visit places where our parents and lived and worked 75 years ago.

Aung Pan was very knowledgeable and was able to show us the various places we were interested in. We were honoured that he was willing to share some of his personal experiences with us. The hotel was very comfortable with good service.

As you know – I selected this boat because we wanted to sail on the Chindwin and we wanted the smallest boat possible. This trip was outstanding. The River was lovely, the side trips were very interesting, the Pandaw guide was very knowledgable and articulate and the quality and service of the boat and crew exceeded my expectations. We were also lucky in our 4 travelling companions (not a full boat) who were all good company. I strongly recommend this trip for anyone who wants to get away from the tourist crowds and fancy large boats.

We stopped at various places where my father (and mother) had been which was great.

We really enjoyed Mandalay and its environs. Again Alex was a good guide, had done his homework on what we wanted to see and spoke English very well. He was flexible too. For instance we wanted to drive over the original Ava Bridge rather than the new one. We decided to give the Mandalay market a miss and instead asked Alex to take us to the Wholesale Jade Market (operates early in the morning) which was fascinating. Alex was also very helpful as my brother’s suitcase was damaged and Alex tried to find somewhere to repair it in a hurry but in the end took us to buy a new one. He also spent time looking for a jacket that my nephew wanted.

Again – the hotel was very comfortable and the staff were helpful.

This was a great day trip. First of all – the roadside flower market on the way there was lovely. Maymyo market was probably the nicest market we went to and, again, Alex took us to drive by many of the old colonial buildings. The botanic gardens were lovely and a real surprise. One of the other passengers on the Pandaw had advised us not to bother with the caves at Maymyo as the caves we had seen at Phowin Taung were so much better. The driver we had in Mandalay was excellent and drove us down to Bagan. A really nice man.

Swe was an excellent guide. He took us to temples and stupas that had not been restored but were in their original condition (which is what we wanted). Where possible, he also steered us away from the crowds of tourists. Swe had really done his homework for us and, as you said, gave us lots of advice on the best locations for photos. When Swe realised we were interested in antiques he took us to a wonderful antique shop. I wish I had the money to buy some of their wares! Lovely stuff.

The accommodation at the Thazin Garden was fine and the garden setting was lovely but the food was not good. For instance, the fruit at breakfast had obviously been cut up using a knife that had been used to cut onions! We decided that the hotel had either just lost its chef or the chef might have been on holiday and someone else was filling in. Anyway – Swe was able to recommend a very good restaurant in the village where we had two good dinners.

Swe was a great guide as he knows so much about the history and, in particular, the architecture and explained so much to us. We decided not to visit the cheroot factory as we had already seen this on Pandaw but, instead, Swe took us to a place by the water where my brother was able to see a lot of birds. The driver was also a good driver.

Yenangyaung and Chauk
Again – Swe had done his homework and had arranged for us to visit a couple of the colonial bungalows. It was well worth the visit the Yenangyaung and the Lay That Gone Guest House was a wonderful surprise. Beautiful location up on the hill, very simple but very clean and we had everything we needed and the staff were so nice. Definitely worth recommending to other people.

Someone we met on the trip told us of a monument that had been erected a couple of years ago to honour the Chinese troops who rescued about 7000 British people from the Japanese troops. Swe was able to locate this monument just outside Yenangyaung so that we could visit it. This would be particularly interesting for any of your clients who are following war histories.

The perfect way to spend our last couple of days. Gyi Gyi spoke English well and was a good guide. Again – she took us to see things we were interested in. For instance we weren’t interested in seeing cats and cheroots so she took us through some of the quieter parts of the floating villages and also took us to a wonderful place of birds for my brother to look at. Gyi Gyi was very professional as she wasn’t feeling very well but persevered with taking us around.

The Manor House was very clean, comfortable and again, nice staff.

Thank you for arranging for us to be picked up in Yangon after the flight from Inle and for arranging our transport to the airport at the end.

We enjoyed meeting you Mika and I will definitely be recommending Discovery to anyone who might want to go to Myanmar. Do you prefer to deal with individuals, travel agents or both?

If ever you should find yourself visiting South Australia – please get in touch.

Wendy Braund

It was wonderful (and emotional) to visit places where our parents and lived & worked 75 years ago

Parahin Mika,

Tulimme lauantaina takaisin aivan upealta reissulta. Lämmin kiitos sinulle ja staffillesi.
Mandalayn opas oli aivan erinomainen, sivistynyt ja fiksu kaveri, erinomainen englanti.
Baganin opas oli myöskin oikein miellyttävä. On the whole – täysi kymppi.

Voinemme antaa sinun ja matkatoimistosi tiedot ystävillemme, jotka suunnittelevat vastaavia reissuja.

Parhain terveisin

Ambassador | Embassy of Finland

Jan 2016

Lämmin kiitos