Making a true difference to local communities

CBT in Myanmar

We are keen promoters of engagement and interaction between travelers and local communities and through sustainable tourism supporting local economy. Our team has developed a range of participatory CBT tours in various destinations which can be conveniently combined to any tour itineraries.

From hiking tours led by local community leaders in Kayah State to Irrawaddy dolphin spotting trips that promote conservation and alternative income for local fishermen, we have partnered up with communities and grassroots level organizations across Myanmar to develop tourism that makes a true difference!

For all of our tours we also aim to select accommodation and dining choices that embody our philosophy of sustainable and locally driven tourism. We prioritize hotels that are responsible employers, eco-friendly and have the best interests of their community at hearth. Dining and shopping options included in our tours range from local owned shops to social enterprises aiming to develop the community.

CBT Tours in Myanmar