A natural wonder and one of the most important buddhist pilgrimage sites in Myanmar

About Golden Rock

Discover one of Myanmar’s holiest pilgrimage sites, the Golden Rock Kyaikthiyo, a boulder shrine covered in gold leaf that delicately, miraculously balances at the edge of a cliff. No other natural wonder like it exists in the world. The gravity defying boulder is thought to be imbued with celestial properties by a holy hair relic of the Buddha.

Pilgrims from all over Myanmar and Asia dream of coming to Kyaikthiyo at least once in their lifetimes to see and touch the boulder. From the Golden Rock, views of the wooded hills shrouded in mist and accompanied by the wisps of incense create a surreal and totally unforgettable experience.

Journey to the Golden Rock requires 11km shared truck ride with in open trucks with benches at the back and 4 km (1 hour) walk up a steep path road and path ascending some 400m to the Golden Rock located on the summit ridge of the range.


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