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Travel Guides

Myanmar has plenty of wonders for the eye – sinuous, life giving rivers, and lush mountains. Browse through our Myanmar travel guide articles which may give you some new ideas where to go and what to do and do not hesitate to contact Discovery DMC team for further information and personal recommendations.

Destinations By Regions

Central Myanmar

Discover rich cultural treasures of ancient civilizations and kingdoms of the Ayeyarwaddy ( Irrawaddy ) river valley and Central Myanmar. Take a classic river journey along the mighty Irrawaddy river exploring hidden gems along the waterway and enjoying in world class services in various sized river boats.

Eastern Myanmar

Eastern Myanmar bordered by China, Thailand and Laos is home to the perhaps greatest concentration of ethnic minorities found anywhere in Southeast Asia. Shan state in the North Eastern Myanmar is particularly fascinating destination for ethnic encounters, hiking, biking and other adventures like elephant camps. The climate is cooler and ...

Northern Myanmar

Last untouched jungles, alpine forests, snow capped Himalayan mountains, wild rivers, wildlife sanctuaries and sparsely populated wildernesses await adventurers in the Northern Myanmar. There is not a whole lot of development, roads or services available yet. Putao is accessible by air and serves as a base camp for expeditions and ...

Southern Myanmar

Explore Mon kingdoms, first European settlements and trading ports. Enjoy pristine 800 island Mergui (Myeik) Archipelago in Southern most Myanmar famed for its diving and clear waters and deserted islands with powdery white sand beaches.

Western Myanmar

The coastal areas of Bay of Bengal have Myanmar's premier beach destinations. Just south of Bangladesh is situated forgotten kingdom and trading port of Mrauk U. The mountain regions of the western Myanmar in Chin state and Rakhine state are home to Chin tribes who practice decorating their ladies faces ...