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Ancient Kingdom of Inwa (Ava)

Ancient Kingdom of Inwa (Ava)

The reigns of the Shan Kingdoms and subsequent Burmese Kingdom was held in Inwa (Ava) for over 400 years, desirable for the protection afforded by the Myint Nge and Irrawaddy Rivers.

In essence, the palace area and heart of the Inwa Kingdom was an island easy for rulers to control and secure. Due to the annual flooding Irrawaddy River during the monsoon season and the constant threat of enemies, however, the Inwa King moved the capital to new location in Amarapura.

The effort was massive, workers physically moving each teakwood palace building to the new capital. The few remaining palace ruins and brick monasteries of Inwa offer solace from the busy urban Mandalay scene. The best way to explore its dyllic, tree shaded paths is by horse cart or bicycle.

The Inwa warriors of the past kingdom have been replaced with beautiful fields and smiling villagers who shyly greet visitors when passed.