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Ngwe Saung Beach

Ngwe Saung Beach

Flawless powdery beaches and clear turquoise waters. Ngwe Saung Beach is unrivaled in beauty and serenity, with gorgeous turquoise waters, soft sand beaches and the cool shade of coconut palms. For those who can tear themselves away from the art of relaxation, the clear blue waters offer excellent opportunities for snorkeling, sea kayaking, wind surfing and kite sailing. Boat excursions to nearby islands and bicycle trips to fishing villages are also available. Ngwe Saung is the perfect haven for those looking for an unspoilt paradise escape.

Similar to Ngapali Beach, development has been deliberately slow and the coastline is not overcrowded with resorts, discotheques or holiday makers. Besides the usual beach activities, explorations of the countryside offer pretty scenery. Ngwe Saung Beach is a seasonal destination, and most hotels close during the monsoon season from mid May to mid October. When open, Ngwe Saung’s flawless 15 km of beaches off the Bay of Bengal is the ideal retreat for those desiring to swim in crystal blue waters and bask in the sun in perfect tranquility.

Located approximately 270 km west of Yangon, Ngwe Saung can be reached via a 5-6 hours car journey. The ride takes guests through rural Irrawaddy Delta landscapes and small villages, river crossings and local markets. Alternatively, a 20-minute flight takes guests twice a week from Yangon to Pathein, the nearest airport, and then the rest of the brief journey by hotel shuttle bus.

Ngwe Saung Elephant Camp

The peaceful pachyderms that used to haul massive teak logs through Burma’s trade routes are now easily accessible to animal lovers. Smaller in size than its African counterpart, these Asian elephants are gentle and build strong bonds with their mahout trainers.

At the camp, elephants rides are popular, as are the opportunities to wash, feed, swim and play with the elephants. The Elephant Camp is located in Padaung Village, one hour’s drive from Ngwe Saung.

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