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Myanmar Highlights

Chin woman

Chin woman

Ethnic encounters

Explore the tribal regions of Myanmar and meet the people. Learn about their unique traditions, diverse culture and beliefs. Myanmar has over 130 ethnic groups. We have listed here some regions that can be currently visited by foreigners.

Shan Hills during rainy season

Trekking tours

From lush jungles to pilgrim trails to Himalayan mountains Myanmar has it all from easy and cultural day hikes to complete months long expeditions. Discovery DMC owners are passionate trekkers and mountaineers and will gladly put together any length trips to suit your desired challenge level, duration and budget.

Myanmar cycling

Myanmar cycling

Cycling Trips

Imagine cycling through lush forested hills and fertile valleys dotted with palaces and pagodas, passing quaint rural villages and stunning lake districts. There are once in a life time biking adventures for everyone in Myanmar. From easy paced day trips to multi-day journeys across the country.

Hot Air Balloon Flight in Bagan Photo Tours

Hot Air Balloon Flight in Bagan

Hot air balloon flights

Enjoy magical sunrise hot air balloon flight over the ancient capitals of Bagan and Mandalay. Our professional expatriate balloon pilots take you on a unique journey over some of the most revered treasures of Myanmar.



Gokteik Bridge train ride

Rail Journeys

Old time classics. Why not include a train journey to your Myanmar trip? Myanmar has extensive railway network which was built during the British colonial era. Some of the equipment and facilities are still “original” from the olden days and in many aspects rail journeys in the country can be considered adventures.

Pandaw River Cruise

Pandaw River Cruise


Burma 100 years ago was worlds premier river cruise territory. Fleet of over 600 river vessels traveled the Ayeyarwaddy (Irrawaddy) and Chindwin Rivers. After decades of isolation river journeys are back. Well appointed boats and various duration cruises are now available round the year. During our cruises you can experience a wealth of attractions from ancient palaces to picturesque rural villages and gain greater insight into Myanmar’s natural and cultural wonders.

Mergui Archipelago Cruise

Mergui Archipelago Cruise

Sailing Holidays

Discover paradise on a sailing trip to the pristine Mergui Archipelago, in Southern Myanmar. The Archipelago consists of approximately 800 islands, many of which have never been inhabited, offering superb unspoiled beaches, crystal clear waters and excellent opportunities for snorkeling, scuba diving, kayaking and trekking.

Vintage retro effect filtered hipster style image of Myanmer famous sacred place and tourist attraction landmark - Shwedagon Paya pagoda. Yangon, Myanmar

Vintage retro effect filtered hipster style image of Myanmer famous sacred place and tourist attraction landmark – Shwedagon Paya pagoda. Yangon, Myanmar

Myanmar is one of the most spiritual countries. The local life is dictated by religious festivals which are celebrated almost every month of the year. Many of the places of worship have Buddhist importance or are related to animistic “Nat” spirits worshiping.

colonial heritage yangon

Colonial heritage

During the 80 years of colonial rule the capital city was founded to Rangoon which became most advanced Southeast Asian city of its time. Many land marks still remain in the city center and there are talks of making old Rangoon UNESCO world heritage attraction. Other colonial outposts were Kalaw and Maymyo (hill stations) where the British governance escaped the sweltering heat during the summer season.

Mrauk U

Mrauk U

Ancient Kingdoms

Explore the rich archaeological treasures and hidden temples and ruins of Myanmar. Trace Marco Polo and other early explorers footsteps. Search for the sites that inspired George Orwell and Rudyard Kipling. Throughout its history current Myanmar has been ruled by various kings and chieftains of different ethnic backgrounds.

Kalaw Elephant Camp

Kalaw Elephant Camp

Elephant Camps

Meet forest working elephants and their “Oozies” mahouts at Pho Kyar and Green Hill Valley elephant camps. Myanmar has the worlds largest population of “working” elephants that are still used in the timber extracting industry. Although it may sound controversial using elephants in logging has least environmental impact. The animals are well cared by their Oozies who often spend all their lives together.

Watch Aljazeera documentary on Myanmar forestry elephants