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Social enterprises in Myanmar

Social enterprises in Myanmar

Social - Pomelo

Help us change lives in Myanmar. We have curated here our supported social enterprises in Myanmar.

Pomelo store  Pomelo is an ethical not for profit business that designs and sells crafts with a contemporary twist produced by disadvantaged groups, small producers and artisans in Myanmar.

Linkage Restaurant Linkage is run by a non- government volunteer group Forever Humanitarian. Located on the first floor at the ever-busy downtown area, it is a restaurant that helps disadvantaged street kids by providing them training in Food & Beverage, education such as English lessons and supporting them with lodging, food and clothing’s. Opened since 2012, it serves Chinese and Burmese food and is also a gallery of artworks by local artists.


CVT  MyanmarCVT  Swiss cooperation founded vocational training center and school in Yangon teaching young professionals practical skills. Discovery DMC has been supporting CVT for many years with apprentice training.


Mary Chapman’s School of Deaf : Privately funded education and boarding school for deaf children.  Children from around Myanmar can come here for free education, get food and lodging until 15-16yrs old. You can visit the school and meet teachers and students. Learn about the education methods and life of deaf in Myanmar. Play & socialize with the kids, you can participate by donating towards meal or sponsor a child’s education.

My Red Elephant: 
Social - My Red ElephantGrassroots NGO established by longtime Myanmar resided expatriates. All started from helping sponsored youth from Mary Chapman’s school to find employment when grown out of school. Many hotels and restaurants in Yangon have now taken deaf students in for chef training and many have gotten permanent jobs. My Red Elephant organizes cooking classes and prepares students for vocational training and is their group for support. In the long term if found right location there is dream to make a restaurant run by deaf youth themselves. Another initiative of My Red Elephant is education in couple villages outside Yangon. Free education to village children is provided by NGO’s hired teachers.

Shwe Sabwe Restaurant: Social and educational project in hospitality and gourmet arts for young Myanmar students. During the 6-8 months schooling, practicing, cooking and serving restaurant apprentices get real life fine dining restaurant experience and training by visiting western chefs. Food and atmosphere is pleasant.

Mobile Education ProjectProvide education via mobile classrooms to children in Myanmar (Burma) who’ve been compelled into indentured servitude at tea shop restaurants where they’re forced to work long hours every day in order to sustain their families. The mobile classrooms provide these children an opportunity to learn basic literacy, math and computer skills in a safe environment where they can gain self-confidence and develop critical thinking skills through innovative, interactive instruction.

Metta Foundation: Local NGO involved in many parts of the country. Metta has activities in the Delta Region and Kachin State in remote regions projects are community based and aim for women’s empowerment, education and self-reliance. Metta is one of the most dynamic local NGO’s in Myanmar. “Metta” means compassion in Myanmar.

Saving the Burmese DeltaCharity working for the poor in Burma (Myanmar). Helping The Burmese Delta (HTBD) works to improve the lives of children and adults in some of the poorest and most remote villages in the Irrawaddy delta region of Burma (Myanmar). Our mantra is ‘go where others don’t, do what others won’t’ – little aid reaches these far off places.