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Trekking in Myanmar

Trekking in Myanmar

Myanmar is amazing country for trekking and hiking. There are several regions that offer interesting trekking possibilities from one day to one month trips. In the very North of Myanmar you will find snow covered mountains and some of the last untouched wildernesses of Southeast Asia. The highest peaks and mountains of Myanmar Himalaya rise above 5800m and are located along the Chinese border. From Putao one can climb expedition style trekking peaks or enjoy more less strenuous hikes and cultural treks to Lisu and Rawang communities villages.

Treks in Myanmar and Myanmar’s Best trekking routes

trekking in myanmar, myanmar treks, myanmar trekking toursAlong the old Burma road you will traverse the Shan Hills and Shan trading towns of Hsipaw and Kyaukme which act as base camps for 1-3 days treks to Palaung Villages that located admidst tea plantations and on top of the mountain ranges. Hsipaw and Kyaukme are now in fashion and more travellers are find here for trekking.

Kalaw and Pindaya are most popular trekking destinations in Myanmar for their proximity to Inle Lake. You can do 1-4 days treks around Kalaw and Pindaya and sleep in Buddhist monasteries dormitory or in a local house. Most popular trek is from Kalaw to Inle Lake 3 Days 2 Nights travelling through some farming region and over the rolling hills of Shan state.

Chin State or Chin Hills are beautiful in the southern part of Chin State you will get to meet Chin ladies who still wear traditional facial tattoos. This is no more practiced in the more northern part of Chin. The most famous attraction is the over 3000m tall Mt Victoria or Natma taung as it is called in Burmese.

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Destinations in Trekking in Myanmar

Putao Trekking and Travel Guide

Putao trekking and travel information. Where the best Myanmar trekking tours are located. Come and explore the Myanmar Himalaya with Discovery DMC experienced team.

Trekking in Chin State and Mt Victoria National Park

Chin State is located in North West of Myanmar bordering India and Bangladesh. The state is mountainous region with mostly bad roads conditions and only few transportation links. Chin state is sparsely populated and remains one of the least developed areas of Myanmar.

Trekking in Hsipaw and Kyaukme

Hsipaw is a small town with relaxed pace of life situated 200 kilometres North East from Mandalay. Situated at the root of mighty Shan Hills and is a perfect base for trekking and exploring the ethnic minority villages

Trekking in Kalaw and Pindaya

Kalaw used to be a popular summer escape for the British during the colonial rule. Kalaw stands high on the western edge of the Shan Plateau.

Trekking Peaks in Myanmar

Although not well known yet Myanmar has lots to offer for mountaineers, climbers and trekkers. There are several trekking peaks / easy to climb summits in Myanmar.