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Trekking in Chin State and Mt Victoria National Park

Trekking in Chin State and Mt Victoria National Park

Chin State is located in North West of Myanmar bordering India and Bangladesh. The state is mountainous region with mostly bad roads conditions and only few transportation links. Chin state is sparsely populated and remains one of the least developed areas of Myanmar. The main hubs for hiking and trekking for surrounding areas are Kanpelet and Mindat. Due to its remoteness and hard accessibility Chin state has stayed undiscovered by mass tourism.


Mt Victoria (Nat Ma Taung in Burmese or Khonuamthung in Chin)

Mt Victoria is the main tourist attraction and highest mountain of Chin State rising up to 3053 meters. Mt. Victoria is set in little-visited and beautiful Nat Ma Taung National Park. Mt. Victoria has prominence of 2231 meters which makes it astonishing viewing point for the surrounding areas.

Topography and nature of Chin State

Chin state is mountainous state and due to its remoteness and hard accessibility it has maintained its nature quite intact. The mountainous hills are covered with evergreen forests and hill savannah. There are many natural watercourses flowing from the mountains forming number of valleys and gorges. The tallest waterfall in Chin State is Bungtla Waterfall near Matupi

Nat Ma Taung National Park and Mt. Victoria are rich with flora and fauna with some 159 different bird species. There are also mammals such as wild board, leopard, gibbon etc. The area has been protected nature park since 1994 which has helped it to sustain its beautiful and lush nature. You can see tropical and subtropical forests and higher altitudes are covered with many temperate and alpine species.


Chin Peoples

Chin state is home for many different ethnic groups that can be comprised in to six main groups: the Asho, Cho, Khumi, Laimi, Mizo and Zomi with dozens of sub-groups. The groups are historically related but speak divergent languages and dialects and have different cultural identities. In the area of Nat Ma Taung there are ethnic tribes of Dai, Upu and Ya known for their tattoo-faced women. The practise is now outlawed so you don’t see tattoos on younger women. About 80% of the people in Chin state are Christians but many of the tribes have still deep animistic believes and traditions.

What to do in Chin State?

Main activities of the area is exploring the nature and surrounding villages. Treks to Nat Ma Taung are arranged from Mindat or Kanpellet. For those who want to go up to Mt. Victoria the easy way you can take a drive through steep winding mountain road to trail head and take about 1.5hrs trek to the summit. Longer treks are also available but for these you need a porter and a guide with lodging in very simple conditions at village homestays. Due to its big population of different birds which some are endemic the area of Mt. Vicotora is also really good for bird watching.

Climate in Chin State

Mt. Victoria is snow free year around but temperatures can get freezing during the cold season from end of November to late January. The climate follows three distinctive seasons: Cold season Nov-Jan, hot season Feb-Apr and Rainy May-Oct. Average temperatures range from 15,5 Degrees Celsius to 21 Degrees Celsius with April and May being the hottest months. If you travel to Chin State during cold season the average temperature in higher areas (above 1000m) is around 5 Degrees Celsius. During rainy season southern part of Chin receives more rain due to the storms of Bay of Bengal. Rain showers are still daily everywhere what makes the roads and paths really muddy and travelling might be quite unpleasant.


How to get there?

Some parts of Chin are still off limits for tourists and due to bad road condition Chin state is quite hard place to move around. Public transportation in the area is still in poor condition and we recommend going there by private car or on guided tour. Kanpetlet can be reached from Bagan in approx. eight hours including lunch stop.

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